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                Don't Take Our Word For It...

BODY BOUTIQUE is the ONLY gym and health club in the area surveying our members annually.  We use this information to help us to improve and deliver the best overall fitness experience in LAWRENCE!

98.8% of member's surveyed gave a positive mark
to the appearance of our staff, equipment and facility.
Fully 89.2% indicated we are helpful, clean, professional and cutting-edge!
Love that this is a women's-only club. Thanks for all you do!

I love the group fitness classes! Your instructors are great and it's a really good variety. 

Love it very much. I love going and being able to be comfortable while working out.

I absolutely love it here!! 

I love BB! Caring, friendly, and enthusiastic staff and members. Great spa area! I always feel comfortable working out. The staff is very knowledgeable, and have been a wonderful resource as I have been working on my health and fitness goals. 

I really like the club. I love the sauna/steam room/hot tub and essential oil towels. My one gripe would be that the music downstairs is loud and really bad during cardio classes. 

I have been a member 15+ years (since in the old location). You have improved and grown tremendously and I'd say you are better than ever. SO SO glad you expanded. I hated not being able to get in classes I wanted to do or arriving to find them full.

I enjoy the group classes that come with the membership. I would like to see more 1/2 hour options or more classes set up so that people can be satisfied with leaving at the 1/2 hour or 45 minute mark - Becca's kickboxing class is like that and I love having that option.  

Love this gym because I feel the desk is always friendly, smiling and ready to answer questions. It never gets boring! There are lots of specials, variety and new cool things happening. The members are super friendly - it's not snotty at all. Last I LOVE the kids' programming and the KidsClub. Love love love it!

 Working out is tough for me, but I want to be healthy so I kept trying and now I finally feel like I've found a gym that can help. Your staff is always super friendly to me and the fellow gym members make me feel welcome too. The atmosphere is a lot kinder than any other gym, but still pushes me to excel. 

The classes are a bit tough, but I'm getting better and this is the first time I've stuck with a gym by choice rather than out of a guilty need to exercise. 

Most importantly, I don't feel judged. Every other time I went to the other gyms, I felt judged. As if everyone was watching me and wondering what I was doing invading their space. 

Body Boutique makes me feel at home and encourages me to keep trying. I don't get in as often as I should yet, but I'm still trying to break old habits (like hiding under the blankets all winter). However, the progress I've made since joining is phenomenal and makes me feel amazing. 

94.7% of member's surveyed indicated they are pleased
with the service our staff, instructors and trainers provide.
In fact, 71.8% rated us either very good or excellent
Body Boutique is amazing

I love the classes. I find them challenging and fun. The instructors are great. I particularly love Body Attack and Body Step. When I need to slow down, yoga and Body Vive are just what I need. I enjoy having the hot tub. The wet towels are amazing. 

 I feel welcome and comfortable at all times.

Love the afternoons in during the week. Favorite thing is the spa - sauna/whirlpool

I picked this club because I love the group classes and the energy and professionalism of the instructors, but I wish we didn't have to reserve our spot or worry about having to be there very early to find a space in the class or feel to tight.

The smiling faces at Body Boutique are the best part of my day. Even when I haven't been in ages they remember not only my face but the classes I love and my favorite routines. I am not just an anonymous member but I am a person. I feel the staff truly cares about every member on an individual level. This culture of "We're all in this together" translates to the members as well. 

I don't just work out at Body Boutique, I hang out with my friends.  

It's a great club for the most part. Clean, large enough and many amenities. Great price as well.  

I love it! I have been absent more often due to pregnancy but I DEFINITELY plan on taking advantage of your awesome childcare facility. My 10 year old desperately wants to come with me. 

I look forward to me time at the gym, and that is a great thing. I mostly do group fitness classes, I love the atmosphere, it doesn't feel like I'm exercising. I am a stepper so I wish you could offer more classes!

BB has the best class instructors around!! It was a loss to lose Jalon at the front desk...she has a friendly energy that welcomes everyone. I love BB and recommend it to all :)

I love the group fitness classes and the great instructors. I like how the instructors make sure that good form is used when they are teaching. Injuries can occur easily when good form is not used!

When I was looking for a new gym, the most important thing to me was cleanliness. BB is the cleanest gym I have ever ever seen. I love that you regularly clean the hot tub. It's hard to believe other gyms don't do that...so disgusting!  

I think most (if not all) of the instructors and staff are friendly and helpful

I am very thankful for Body Boutique and have loved being a member for many years now. The staff are all wonderful and the classes are the best in town!!  

The club wouldn't be anything without dedicated staff! Those ladies are what many gyms need. They are friendly, helpful, and overall great to be around.  
When asked if we have met the member's expectations,
fully 94.7% indicated that we did.
Overall, 76% said that recommend us to friends regularly!
Body Boutique is an outstanding gym. The instructors are incredible, the variety of classes is outstanding, childcare is great, the equipment is in good condition and updated and the facility is clean. I continuously recommend Body Boutique to my friends looking for a gym. 

I really appreciate the BB in Lawrence. I live in Baldwin City and my husband and I both have memberships at a gym in Baldwin but they refuse to fix their sauna. I have RA and the sauna is very helpful to maintain my RA health. 

Your facility is CLEAN at BB, your equipment is better maintained and I love the women only & no judgement aspects as well. I have met my goal to work up to jog again (as long as my RA allows it) and my overall health has improved greatly since joining BB!! Thank you for the fine work you all do!!

My personal trainer, Meredith, is wonderful. Working with her has changed my life. I've been with her for over 2 years and she has had such a positive impact on my health and wellness.

Amazing and positive place to be! So thankful for you all! BB makes me look forward to working out. Love the childcare too- what a fantastic staff!

I think body boutique is awesome! The Les Mills classes and the amount of classes rock!

The classes create a great workout environment. The text messages reminding me I haven't been to the gym in a while are a good reminder to get to moving, but are a little impersonal. 

I really like the club. 

I appreciate the facility and its convenience as well as affordability. The locker room is always clean though scented soaps and chemicals are a hazard for members with multiple chemical sensitivities.  

I love working out there. I come in early in the morning and have access to all the equipment at that time. 

The Body Boutique has come to be a very important part of my life and I am very grateful for it. Thank you!

I enjoy this gym. It is nice and I like the group fitness classes. 

The friendly atmosphere is what made me come back and sign, the the honest and pushing trainer made me commit to going harder!

Love it! Love the classes, that it's women only, and the price. The social aspect of it is fun too. 

Love the classes. Sherri does an excellent job of challenging people at all levels in all the classes she teaches.  

Love Body Boutique! I've been a member for several years and appreciate everything they have to offer. It's a great place to meet strong women who are there for the same reason. To get fit and healthy! 

I love the gym. It has grown wonderfully.

It is a good fit for me. You have staff there to help, but they don't bother me as I come in or out. Good exercise leaders and a variety of workouts. 

I like working out with women of all fitness levels. I am a 60 year old woman and I am not as regular as I would like to be about working out. However, I always love coming to BB and I am happy when I get back there. My goal is to try one of the classes but I haven't had the courage to yet. My fear is that I won't be able to keep up in the class. I need to get my fitness level up to the point where I feel I can try a class.

I do appreciate the classes and all-women atmosphere at BB. Instructors are terrific!  

The best thing about this club is the friendly members

This club meets my needs as I generally use the club for group fitness. I prefer an all women's club and prefer not to attend co-ed classes. Love it!
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