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It's ALL About Getting YOU Great Results!

Everything has changed when it comes to women's health and fitness over the past 10 years - knowledge, advancements in technology and testing, and greater awareness of wellness.

Body Boutique's Pro Fitness Program (PFP) is all about putting you on track and getting you amazing health and fitness results. The cornerstone of PFP are your quarterly, private Fitness Consultations with a professional Fitness Consultant. This 90 minute session includes:

  • Pre-exercise physiological measures such as resting blood pressure, pulse and estimated maximal heart rate for sub maximal testing and training;

  • Body composition analysis that covers multiple approaches to ensure the best understanding of what goals are appropriate for the individual;

  • Analysis of exercise and activity that is appropriate for daily life both at the gym and for activities of daily living;

  • Cardiovascular assessment that looks at both central health (your heart) and peripheral health (how well your muscles are utilizing oxygen and fuel);

  • Musculoskeletal assessment that looks at endurance, strength and power as well as functional range of motion and balance;

  • Total body measurements;

  • Equipment and exercise technique evaluation to ensure correct movement, intensity and progression;

  • Exercise prescription Simply put, "If we're not assessing, we're just guessing!"  Unlike other gyms that sign you up and leave you on your own, at Body Boutique we measure your progress every 90 days so you are sure to maximize your results in the minimal amount of time;

  • Education around such topics as chronic condition management, appropriate health related fitness goals, long term health planning, better understanding of fitness research, fitness versus fatness and more.

This groundbreaking program has been improving the lives of health club members all over North America and we at Body Boutique are pleased to be the first in Lawrence to offer its benefits to our members. 
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