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January 9th, 13th - 15th 

Join us for Launch and Les Mills BODYPUMP100™, a global fitness event that’s set to be the world’s most powerful workout.

On January 14, 2017, BODYPUMP100™ is set to land. 

Like thousands of fitness clubs around the world, Body Boutique will be taking part in the world’s most powerful workout. This will be something truly inspiring to be part of.

You know the way to a stronger you. Stronger reps, stronger results. It’s a simple secret, and it’s at the heart of what makes Les Mills BODYPUMP™ one of the world’s most loved workouts. 

And we love it at Body Boutique too! 

Join us and celebrate a stronger you...
BODYPUMP100 Event: Saturday January 14th and Sunday January 15th 

Get it in your calendar now and make sure to check our app for class times! As a special treat for this event, we’ve invited some Body Pump alumni instructors back to share in on the fun! 

If you’ve never tried Body Pump and want to start getting inspired, you will find out more about this awesome program at www.bodypump.com

You can share in some incredible stories from around the world, showing how BODYPUMP has helped all kinds of people find their stronger self.

Class sign ups will open January 2nd…get ready!

We invite you to come in to Body Boutique any time during our Launch celebration!

It is the perfect time to get acquainted with our Group Fitness Classes, Cycling, Training Programs, Staff and Members.

Launch Events are completely FREE and guests will be offered amazing Specials on Membership!

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