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Once Someone Comes Into The Club -- 
They Either Become a NEW MEMBER or a MISSED SALE/TOUR

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Quick Summary...

Existing Member - You may add existing members at any time. Any lead entered into the system go into this database automatically.

Ex-Members / Alumni - After membership expires, put those names and emails here. Even if you only get a small percent back, it is well worth a few seconds of your time.

General Prospects - When you have lead box or trade show leads who did not come in for a tour yet,put them in here. Anyone who has not yet been in for a tour starts here. Also when someone signs up for a FREE trial pass on you home page they automatically get put in this database. The first message that goes out will include the 5 Things You Need to Know report.

   After They Tour, They Either Become a New Member or a Missed Sale

New Members - Register all new sales here (at the point of Sale). They will get messages to start their new membership with less hassles. They also will be put automatically into your newsletter.

Missed Sales - Every person who has come into the club, but didn't buy that day, should be put into this database.
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