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Convenient Indulgences... massage, tanning and color studio

Therapeutic Massage Services:

$60: 60-minute massage / $85: 90-minute massage
A full body massage utilizing Swedish techniques with medium pressure and peaceful, flowing strokes to increase lymph and blood circulation while releasing muscle tension. This gentle yet effective treatment detoxifies and revitalizes the body improving energy and overall health.

$70: 60-minute massage / $90: 90-minute massage
Combines firmly applied Swedish techniques with trigger point therapy to unwind tight fascia and relieve chronic muscle pain. The muscles are thoroughly prepared for the deep work on areas of focus and then flushed with soothing or invigorating strokes to ensure a comfortable experience and achieve optimal results.

$60: 60-minute massage / $80: 90-minute massage
A gentle full body massage that addresses the concerns and discomforts of pregnant women. Nutrient-rich oils nourish skin to promote healthy elasticity while soothing strokes enhance emotional and physiological well-being.

$40: 30-minute massage
Designed for those in need of isolated therapeutic work. Perfect for sports/exercise injuries or maintenance work between regular massage treatments. (Not a full body treatment).

$20: 15 minutes
Our specially designed chairs support the head, neck and shoulders. This massage offers quick release in a shorter session. Massage is done with clothes on and no oil is used.

Please contact the front desk at 785-749-2424 to book your massage.

Sophie Newman graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health. She enjoys integrating many modalities in her practice including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Hot Stone and Craniosacral Therapy. 

Sophie believes that our bodies strive to maintain balance and with that in mind, an environment to unwind is just as important as a place to exercise. She strives to make each session unique in completing your goals of health, relaxation, and healing in this modern world. 

Tanning For a Year-Round Glow:

Norvell Sunless Tanning Options

Amber Sun Venetian: $40
Just off the Mediterranean Beach color
Suitable for all skin tones
Darkens to a violet/brown tone
Norvell's deepest, darkest, longest-lasting tan
Dark Sunless Solution: $35 ($19 every Friday!)
Our basic bronzing service

Tanning Rates (Beds only) Please add 10% tanning tax to all prices 

For those who prefer the tanning bed option, Body Boutique members and non-members may use our 20-minute Wolff tanning bed.

Tanning Session             Member                       Non-Member
1 month unlimited       $18/mo for duration of membership  
Single session                     $5                                      $5
10 session package            $35                                    $40
3-months unlimited          $70                                    $75
1-month unlimited            $50                                    $55

Tanning Hours
Monday        5:30am - 8:30pm
Tuesday       5:30am - 8:30pm
Wednesday  5:30am - 8:30pm
Thursday     5:30am - 8:30pm
Friday           5:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday      8:30am - 4:30pm
Sunday         8:30am - 4:30pm

Please contact the front desk at 749-2424 with questions about our tanning packages.
Our Color Studio for Hair, Skin and Body:
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